Our Firm: Overview and Values

Estudio Dr. Mezzera

Our Firm: Overview and Values

We are a local and international business-oriented law firm. Our approach towards the practice of legal counseling seeks to combine commitment to the client’s goals, the excellence and effectiveness of the proposed solution, efficiency in its pursuit, and a close and personal relationship with our clients, making them feel protected and secure in every step of their process towards the closing of a deal.

More than a century of fertile activity based on these four premises made us one of the most prestigious and traditional law firms in Uruguay, as well as the gate international companies walk through in order to start their business in our country.

Honesty, Reliability, Professionalism, Leadership, Excellence, and Innovation are the Firm’s main values, and our guide in whatever professional task we develop. Our history and client’s opinions confirm what over more than a century has been the tradition of Estudio Dr. Mezzera.

This way of approaching our work has led us to gain the trust of our clients and peers. Providing legal counseling to companies devoted to a wide range of industries -from shipping or aviation companies, to banks and financial institutions, tobacco companies, bottle manufacturers, importers and distributors of prestigious brands of cars, beverages and consumer products, international hotels, medical institutions, corporate trade union entities, joint-ventures and international investment companies, or Internet services providers, we understand the business and walk the client towards his goal.

We believe that, besides the reliability of accurate and efficient counseling, what distinguishes our organization is a culture of personalized relationships and cooperation with our clients. This allows us helping them prevent controversial situations as well as negotiating new transactions in a close and personalized way, estabilishing a relationship which both includes and
surpasses the mere exposition of a problem or the suggestion of a solution.